As the Fall 2013 semester ends, students work tirelessly to finish the semester strong. Putting these first generation college students first gives them the opportunity to feel proud of the work they have accomplished and excited about the new semester ahead. Taking the time to understand and serve these students through this program will encourage future student participation, because this program accurately meets their needs. Identifying the core program brand is crucial for the continuation of this program and future student participation. The Academic Success Center and Lipscomb University need to continue to explore ways to better serve these students and make sure their voices are heard throughout the Nashville community.

This project is a model for Lipscomb and is a reminder that sometimes one small voice can empower other voices to speak louder and louder. Giving first generation college students the tools to be successful and the confidence to share their experiences with their families will positively impact their futures. These students will change the communities and empower other students to achieve their education goals. Lipscomb will attract more students by supporting this program because other first generation college students will know that their voice will be heard at Lipscomb.

They will be first.
Lipscomb will be first.
Nashville will be first.

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