With the encouragement of Dr. Lowry, Lipscomb has changed in many ways throughout the past eight years. President Lowry compels the Lipscomb community to take action and make a positive impact. The first generation college student program has humble beginnings, but it too, will help build lasting change that empowers many students, families, and others throughout the Nashville community.

Four focus areas for First Generation College Student Program:
These four areas target the main needs and challenges first generation college students face as they begin college. Learning these crucial life skills will encourage and support persistence, degree completion, and overall retention for first generation college students at Lipscomb University.

Fall 2013 Semester:

  • Workshops- two to three a semester (Time Management, Financial Aid)
  • Myers Briggs personality tests
  • Career development and exploration

ACADEMIC COACHING (program participation agreement and academic coaching expectations)
  • Meeting once every two weeks
  • Advising agreement and set goals

Spring 2014 Semester:

  • One upper classmen first generation college student mentor for every two freshman students
  • Meeting once every two weeks

  • Student worker
  • Two larger meetings 
  • End of year celebration

Additional programming costs to ASC for first generation college student program includes: 
  • Social events 
  • FOOD
  • T-shirts
  • Student worker pay
  • Book vouchers or scholarship incentive for student participation
Current Lipscomb first generation college student program participant, Nayeli (Nelly) Anaya, shares her thoughts about the new program and hopes for what it could become for students and families in the coming years.

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