Dreaming what seems like the impossible is POSSIBLE for first generation college students. They will CHANGE their families, they will LEAD their communities, and they will EMPOWER others to reach their goals.

On a national level, first generation college student programs exist in many public/private colleges and universities, and they are proven models that measure student outcomes. Locally, several Nashville colleges and universities have programs that address the needs of first generation college students. These programs have an impact on overall student success, but also directly affect retention, degree completion, and graduation rates for those institutions. These first generation college student programs provide opportunities for student success, which gives students the opportunity to persist in college.

By giving first generation college students the tools to be successful college graduates, these students will change their families and empower their communities.

Lipscomb University will provide a program for first generation college students that supports and enhances their academic, social, and professional goals.

First generation college students will become successful college graduates who pursue their career goals. First generation college students will change their family dynamics and increase their ability to earn higher income. These students will become positive advocates that inspire other students to achieve their college dreams. By giving first generation college students opportunities to develop essential life and academic skills, Lipscomb will experience overall increased success in student involvement, retention, and graduation rates among those students. Moreover Nashville will benefit from informed graduates that actively give back to their communities.

-provides skills for students to be academically, socially, and professionally successful
-outcomes are important to university
-a university community of resources and services that can focus on these students
-time to develop program
-available resources
-limited personnel with other commitments

-partnerships with businesses, schools, organizations
-programing for families
-other new programs at LU
-increasing overall student diversity
-money- funding
-other competing programs/interests
-time constraints
-outside demands placed on ASC

Who are we serving? First Generation college students and their families

Stakeholders? Students, families, Lipscomb administration/faculty/staff, community leaders, potential funders of grants/scholarships

Threats? Problems? Funding, money, limited resources for students, families, external factors, competing interests, time

Allies? Academic Success Center, successful graduates of program, high schools, faculty advisors, peer mentors, supporting staff, successful Nashville first generation business leaders

How is this possible?
By sharing and joining existing resources and services offered by Lipscomb through the Academic Success Center, the vision of this program will be created. The Academic Success Center offers academic support, peer advising, and a variety of other student services to meet the specific needs of each student. This office will be an ideal place for the first generation college student pilot program.

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