As first generation college students prepare for their future, they plan for financial aid, for campus activities, and for class deadlines. Planning and managing time is an important lesson for first generation college students to learn as they enter college.

What does a first generation college student program look like at Lipscomb?
 During the Spring 2013 semester, 10 current Lipscomb first generation college students were asked the following questions about their experience as a first generation college student. 
  • What did you know about college before? What didn't you know?
  • What were some of the challenges/obstacles you faced?
  • What have you learned during your first year(s) at Lipscomb University?
  • What does a first generation college student program look like at Lipscomb University? What would it include? In what ways would you be involved in a first generation college student program?

This was a qualitative data survey, but most of the answers showed that these students wanted a program that encouraged learning, shared resources and success stories, offered teaching, and always helped other fellow first generation college students. 

Where will the program be housed?
Academic Success Center provides academic support, peer advising, and a variety of other student services that will be tailored to meet the specific needs of these students. (see video)

Who will be involved?  
  • Pilot program Fall 2013- 25 first generation freshman students that self-select to be participants
  • Services include advising meetings, academic workshops, leadership/life skills development, social events/activities, peer mentoring, family engagement
  • Graduate Assistant to serve as academic coach and to oversee progress of students
  • Peer Advisor to help facilitate peer mentoring and learning with other first generation college students
  • Student Advocate to encourage and support other activities and structure for first generation student program

The key players that will help direct the program include Teresa Williams, Director of Student Advocacy; Garrett Meggs, Academic Coaching coordinator; a student advocate to coordinate social events; and a peer mentor advisor to encourage bi-weekly peer mentoring sessions. 

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