These first generation college students will achieve success while at Lipscomb University, and plan to achieve so much more after they leave Lipscomb. Being the first in the family to attend college, these students have much to look forward to and so much to pass along to their families.

Program participants:
  • 10-12 students currently involved (all women- Latina women, two African American, one Caucasian) 
  • Goal for Spring- add male participants and continue to reach all student demographics

How is success measured?

Academic Coaching Survey: (each participant will complete this qualitative survey at the end of every semester)

Please use this form to provide feedback regarding your Academic Coaching experience.  By completing this form, you will help us improve our services in the future.  Thank you!

Success Coach Name:

Reason for seeking a coach:
Academic performance
Class attendance
Academic/major clarity
Career opportunities
College transition
Overall wellbeing/health
Time management/effectiveness

My success coach meetings have been:
Extremely helpful
Not helpful

How often did you meet with your coach?

For how many weeks/months have you been meeting with your coach?
0-3 Weeks
4-8 Weeks
9+ Weeks
More than 1 Semester

My expectations for the success coach meetings were:

My biggest take away from academic coaching is:

How has working with a Success Coach impacted your academics?

How has working with a Success Coach impacted your personal goals?

Additional feedback:

* Do you plan to continue meeting with your coach next semester?

* Would you be interested in meeting with a different coach next semester?
Personal Information:
Major 1
Major 2
Minor 1
Minor 2
Graduation Year

Email Address  

Student Involvement: 

Attendance is collected every time a student visits the ASC. Adding social events during the spring semester will be another way to measure student involvement.

Academic Performance:
First-term persistence can be measured through the ASC's current data collection program called Map-Works. The analysis of student GPA will be benchmarked by varying outcomes set by the Director of Student Advocacy and the Academic Coaching Coordinator. These outcomes inform future coaching agreements and retention of the program participants. 

First generation college student quantitative data:
Because first generation college student data is collected from the beginning of the admissions process, Lipscomb will now know exactly how many students are enrolling as first generation college students. Based on the data collected from the Fall 2013 Enrollment Deposit, 142 freshman identified themselves as a first generation college student, compared to the 684 freshman students that enrolled during the Fall 2013 semester. Roughly one in six freshman students consider themselves as a first generation college student. These numbers demonstrate that there is a community of first generation college students at Lipscomb, and these students need support in order to be successful college graduates.

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